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Specially For Teeth
Next To Dentures
And Large Gaps

egoprox toothbrush
ergoprox  toothbrush
 toothbrush dental industry awards 2023

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Natural Technique ergoprox brush
Natural Technique
Metal - Free ergoprox brush
Metal - Free
Fits Tooth Shape ergoprox brush
Fits Tooth Shape
Easy-Grip Handle ergoprox brush
Easy-Grip Handle
Super Hygienic Bristles ergoprox brush
Super Hygienic Bristles


Dental industry awards 2023 ergoprox brush
Professional Approval
  • Sophie P.
    How very clever! What an amazing idea. My patients always have tartar and plaque in these areas. Even a single tufted brush doesn't work.
  • Sam B.
    There isn’t actually anything in the market to address this problem. In my experience patients believe the toothbrush is sufficient for cleaning these areas. Currently there are no specific tools for this complaint, and for the few patients that do try to clean this area they fumble with tools not designed for the task. I think having a tool specific for the task will encourage education as we are able to offer a solution to an unaddressed problem.
  • Victoria W.
    There’s nothing else out there like that and I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of root caries I’ve seen especially when patients have partials. I think this is fantastic. It’s a no brainer to me. For a clinician, the directions are very straightforward and definitely sets us up for success in demonstrating/aiding the patient in using it.
  • Jo L.
    I like this! I would normally recommend a single tuft brush for spaces like that. What I like about your design is the long handle & grip on the handle. Patients struggle with short handles on interdental brushes. I like the silicone bristles, easy to rinse off & dry. The curved shape of the head is great to hug the sides of the teeth.
  • Jan N.
    This is a brilliant product! So many of our patients struggle to keep these areas clean. I have typically recommended proxabrushes or end tuft brushes, but there’s never really a great solution. I especially love the angled design of the bristles.
  • Jessica H.
    Certainly a problem area for my patients to clean and so far all I can give them is a single tufted brush or something similar to reach this area - it doesn't get the correct angle to reach the tooth surface. Often their ETB is just too big for this area also. I see patients with large gaps between teeth most days, it's rare that they can clean them properly.

    About The Founder

    Tooth-loss and Partial Dentures have always led to new oral hygiene challenges, often resulting in a cascade of disease progression.
    Until Now!
    In hundreds of his patients, Dr. Michael observed that the exposed surfaces of teeth next to dentures are almost impossible to clean, even though they are “accessible”. Current toothbrushes are not suited for these characteristic sites – their bristles being 90 degrees away from what is required. And so, his passion for ergonomic tools and design engineering led to the creation of ErgoProx!
    Michael Alatsaris Ergoprox
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    A Great British Invention

    Proudly Designed and Made in the UK International Patents Pending